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JSBshop — effective anti-theft systems and anti-theft technology

The trade sphere in our time is doing everything possible to simplify the access of potential buyers to the widest range of goods. Especially popular nowadays are supermarkets, often combining the functions of sites for trade in household and industrial goods and food stores. Here you can properly consider the goods on the shelves, if necessary pick up, and even try on — if it's about clothes or shoes. This format of trade, which has become widespread in Ukraine, allows the buyer to compose the most complete opinion about the goods that he intends to pay and purchase.

Not surprisingly, most citizens prefer to "buy" in such institutions. At the same time, such a facilitated, in fact, free, access to a wide range of goods serves as a kind of bait for unclean personalities. It's no secret that in the supermarkets there are occasional thefts. What needs to be done to minimize losses from shoplifting? Modern equipment can effectively solve this problem.

Buy anti-theft systems

The online store JSBshop specializes in the supply of modern equipment designed to effectively combat trafficking theft. The most popular for retail sites and shops are anti-theft systems for supermarkets. As practice shows, the installation of this kind of equipment provides a significantly greater effect than traditional video monitoring. Very attractive are the price of equipment and the variability of anti-theft systems. As for the variants of the equipment, various sets of systems are offered:

for hypermarkets;
for supermarkets;
For shops that have medium-sized retail space;
for relatively small food and household stores.
The anti-theft systems use the most modern developments. At the same time, the operating principles of the equipment are simple and understandable. The set of anti-theft system, as a rule, includes:

protective labels and tags;
rigid sensors (they are attached to the product);
Acoustomagnetic and radio-frequency gates, installed at the exit from the store or trading floor.
A specialized online store offers interested individuals and organizations a large selection of the most modern anti-theft equipment in Ukraine. The catalog is widely presented anti-theft equipment from the best manufacturers. The trader is ready to carry out installation and adjustment of equipment, as well as to take over the service. Cooperation with JSBshop allows you to effectively combat theft within the exchanging location.

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