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How to choose an anti-theft system for the store

The system against theft is the first thing to think about the owner of the outlet, especially if the flow of visitors is large enough. Keep track of all buyers trite not work, and why spend the time if you can take advantage of technological advances.

Anti-theft equipment is a necessity in modern times. That is why it is up to him to choose with all responsibility. Buy anti-theft systems at a bargain price can be found online at the link This equipment will provide an opportunity to optimize and rationalize the work of staff, security breaches and stop intruders «in the root.»

The principle of anti-theft systems is extremely simple. For products that are within the store attach special tags that act as a sort of sensor. In a situation where the goods are not sanctioned, the gates give a characteristic sound. The security service responds to the signal and warns the withdrawal of products. When the goods are bought in the usual way, the seller removes the sensor from the product and the new owner can safely take him with him.

When choosing a system against theft in the first place, it is worth paying attention to the nature of the goods that need to be protected. Equipment is selected based on the type of sold products. For shopping outlets with clothing most often use radio frequency models. Acoustic-magnetic configurations are more suitable for metal products. In this case, radio frequency labels may simply be ineffective. Also, pay attention to the configuration of the gate itself. Many systems work with one rack. Modern modifications can be equipped with two, which are more effective. Anti-theft systems in Ukraine include transmitters and a powerful receiver. Thus, the attacker will not be able to hide the goods even under clothing.

It matters and the way of protection is used. To ensure the safety of the product can use disposable labels that are virtually imperceptible. However, they do not have the ability to function at all. They also install anti-theft sensors. They cost more and do not differ extreme compactness, but they can boast of high efficiency. Therefore, the goods pass by the door will not job.

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